Horizontal IMM

V-LINE®'s global standard model contributes to high value-added molding in extensive fields, including precision, electronics, optics and medical equipments.

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Vertical IMM

Realizes High Yields of Insert Molding V-LINE® and locking direct pressure method. Rotary table accurately stops in position expands the prospects of automation.

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Aluminium Die Casting

  • High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)
  • Gravity Die Casting (GDC)
  • Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC)
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Nano Machining

Top Model Across the Entire Nano-level Machining Products. Nano Machining Center with a Proprietary Construction That Fully Exploits the Superiority of Ultra-High Speed Milling.

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Electron Beam

Electron-beam irradiation combines precision and surface strengthening in one process. In-house developed electron-beam Aperture enables maximum beam irradiation diameter of Φ60mm.

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Metal 3D Printer

Sodick Linear Motor Drive Precision Metal 3D Printer Provides the One-stop Solution to Customers. Core-technologies for whole Manufacturing process are developed within the Sodick Group.

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EROWA is known worldwide for clamping systems - our great competence lies in consulting for process automation. Find an overview while surfing on this website...

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The innovative electro-technology, developed by Tecnomagnete, ensures the best performance of the magnetic clamping systems, in order to optimize the ...

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