Higher-quality Surface Finish Improved accuracy in fine areas realized by extremely high accuracy with the linear motor drive supports various machining needs.

sodick uh430l


sodick uh650l


Main Features

A variety of spindles developed in-house
To meet various processing requirements down to the most precise details, you can configure settings by choosing from a lineup of four HSK shrink fit type dual face contact spindles. These spindles suppress vibration and core deflection to provide balance between rotation-torque characteristics and high rigidity.

Incorporates the new and advanced NC unit
Our proprietary motion controller and integrated PWM amplifier improves speed performance for all axes control cycles. We've achieved exceptional improvements in the responsiveness of the driver servos. Improvements to 1 nm* resolution control allow even higher quality finishing achievable at the finest grades.
*1 nm (nanometer) = 1/1,000,000,000 m
The NC operation screen has been refreshed to provide the latest in interface technology, improving visibility and providing a more direct and intuitive operating experience. SEPTune, a new configuration support mode we've developed for the SEPT high-speed and high-precision contour control function, frees you from relying on rules of thumb and enables simple, rapid customization.

Linear Technology from Sodick, the World Leader
Linear motor drives that we’ve developed and manufactured drawing on up to 20 years of experience and knowhow are fitted as standard to each of the three axes. Going fully linear achieves the perfect balance to ensure you get the absolute best in high-precision, high-quality, and high-speed milling.

MotionExpert®-S and MIEMMERCE included as standard to meet your IoT requirements
MotionExpert®-S is simulation software that allows accurate estimates of actual machining times and displays a distribution of machining speeds.
MIEMMERCE is IoT software that collects data from machine groups connected to the network at regular intervals to allow centralized operational control from remote locations.

Product Specifications

UH430L  UH650L
Axis stroke X×Y×Z (mm) 420 x 350 x 200 620 x 500 x 300
Spindle rotational speed(min-1 1500~60000 *1 1500~60000 *1
Unit weight(kg) 6000 8000
Total power input(kVA) 25 30
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1635 x 3041 x 2205 *2 1825 x 3320 x 2540 *2

*1. By specification of spindle
*2. Including power supply


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